SSL UK customers new recognized solutions in terms of electronic trust.

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“We are pleased with this specific operation. The integration of those new certificates permits Oodrive to expand both its portfolio and its particular offer when it comes to cryptography and electronic signature on an international scale. We are also delighted to strengthen several of our joint clients to our relationship, including M6, the Ministry of Defense, EADS, MAIF, RATP, IGN. “Declares Stanislas de Rémur, CEO of the Oodrive Group.
Launched in 2020, by James Parker, SSL UK has an organization that is extensive a global offer permitting protected exchanges all over the globe.
Through its Research and developing programs, SSL UK provides cheap email hosting scalable solutions, in accordance with market criteria, directed at strengthening the security of use and combating cybercrime.
The Certificate Life Manager (CLM) is the first solution to the Innovation program. The CLM is a tool that allows large structures to handle a mapping associated with the certificates deployed within the IT architecture regarding the company, also to handle the life span period of these fleet of SSL certificates regardless of their beginning.
“I am pleased that our French and customers that are international now enter into a relationship of trust with the Oodrive Group. They can now benefit from more solutions as well as personalized and support that is local is one of Oodrive’s talents. States Jean-Marie Giraudon, creator of SSL British.
About SSL UK
Launched this year by James Parker, SSL British makes the internet a world of trust.
SSL UK provides SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) solutions, electronic document signatures, traceability of dematerialized exchanges along with convergence solutions ensuring strong verification across the client cheap ssl certificate uk workstation.
SSL UK, as an innovation company, normally developing complementary technologies to secure exchanges within the economy that is digital.
SSL British supports its customers on 5 continents and contains an extensive network of partners, serving more than 10,000 organizations of most sizes.
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A subsidiary of Oodrive, the expert into the management of delicate data, CertUK strengthens the team’s place in the area of digital trust.
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A few months ago, Oodrive was among the first companies named a Trusted Service company (PSCO) as eIDAS on the UK and ANSSI trusted list ¹for its electronic signature, stamp, and website certificates. The UK, a regulation known as “eIDAS” of July 23, 2020, on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, intends to build trust in electronic work, for collaboration on the UK a scale. As a result of this recognition of Oodrive on the PSCO list, the certificates made available from its subsidiary CertUK are now legitimate in every countries regarding the UK a Union with no longer only regarding the national territory, opening new perspectives for organizations and companies into the sector. UK an audience.
“We are delighted that CertUK is one of the first to best email hosting  possess been added by ANSSI towards the UK a dependable list ² beneath the title of” eIDAS “, welcomes Frédéric Fouyet, Director of Innovation, Safety, and goods for the group that is oodrive. The ANSSI, which acts as a control body for the “trust services” component, granted us this qualification following a rigorous audit by the LSTI body that is certifying. The last update of this list maintained by ANSSI dated from the entry into force of the eIDAS regulation in July 2016. ”, he adds. It is the culmination of a long process that enables our customers (bailiffs, lawyers, clerks, companies) to better handle their digital identity within the UK Union. “Reliable Windows hosting UK worked from London UK
A subsidiary of the Oodrive group, has been the leading French player for the issuance of qualified certificates enabling the identification and authentication of a natural or legal person since its creation in 2020, Cert UK. Lawyers, bailiffs, court clerks, and experts that are legal recourse to certificates of rely upon France and now in britain a Union. These certificates allow them to better handle their identity that is digital and export across British borders with the same guarantees and the degree of self-confidence recognized nationally.
A qualification of CertUK certificates, a German company can now use its certificates to prove its digital identity to participate in a call for tenders in France or any other country of the Union in practice, thanks to the UK.
Cert UK provides certificates utilizing the highest possible level of security.
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Two major components in the eIDAS legislation
The challenge associated with eIDAS regulation would be to create an UK framework for shared recognition and interoperability for electronic identification and trust services. The eIDAS regulation mainly concerns sector that is public and trusted service providers established in the territory associated with UK a Union. It establishes a UK a framework for electronic recognition and trust solutions, to facilitate the emergence of this electronic single market. It covers, in particular, the subject of electronic signatures and repeals Directive 1999/93 / EC. ANSSI is the body responsible for applying these regulations in France. EIDAS happens to be applicable since July 1, 2020, for most of its provisions, including those relating to “trust services”.
Shared recognition of electronic identification means are compulsory from 2020 september.
New trusted services provided by CertUK
New trust services are consequently added to the certUK server colocation offer that is existing. To better manage this transition and the sustainability of this offer, CertUK has set up certification that is new that meet the latest technical and organizational requirements to ensure their legitimacy on the next 20 years.
CertUK is focusing on the implementation of the new UK a benchmark on trust solutions and considers various needs:
UK a regulation on trust services (eIDAS) for qualification at the UK a level.
The general security reference system (RGS) for national recognition and personal email hosting easier transition of French platforms.
What’s needed for the CAB Forum to meet up the conditions of referencing in browsers for a new SSL offer. Browse the grid hosting review.
This new chain of trust is therefore both RGS and eIDAS qualified. The SSL certification offer, for its component, is being referenced by browser publishers (Firefox, Google, Microsoft, and Apple).