Advantages of colocation uk

colocation uk

Colocation server placement – budget cost and control cost savings

The game of a company that is modern impossible without the use of information systems that contribute to the development and conduct of business. Our company offers you a

colocation hosting service, which allows you to place your equipment in a specialized data center in Moscow.

“Colocation” (colocation) is one of the mandatory services that ensure the smooth and stable operation of any company. Colocation is the placement of client servers on special sites (data centers). Thanks to this service, the server is supported by multi-level redundancy of communication channels, ensuring uninterrupted power and the corporation regarding the necessary climatic parameters.

Top features of the information center from Telehouse Caravan

colocation uk

The data center has a security and fault tolerance system, as well as communication channels. The Telehouse Caravan data center provides all the conditions for the stable operation of your host:

-Backup power;

-Use of certified racks and cable administration systems;

-Modern gear

Colocation solution features

Most of the above ensures the constant procedure for the server, that will save you from emergencies and additional support costs. Reasonable prices for the “colocation” service for customers are among the benefits of working together with Telehouse Caravan.

Features of host web hosting and

colocation uk host hosting services

The key features of the “colocation” service from Telehouse Caravan are good quality, fast connection, a guarantee of dependability and many additional parameters.

Server hosting is the optimal solution for the successful development of your business. With colocation, resource availability will be a factor that is fundamental the operation of one’s gear. A server can be placed by you of any configuration within our information center rather than concern yourself with its operation therefore the security of information.

Colocation foundation

Colocation Basis is amongst the comprehensive server hosting solutions from Telehouse Caravan.

This is the solution that is best when installing equipment with a low or standard power load. As part of the

cheapest email hosting, you have full Internet that is unlimited access respecting 1: 4 traffic. Additionally, host switch on to 350 W just isn’t charged, which is extremely lucrative.

Colocation Basis for a host with low or capacity that is standard

Non-rated rated (indicated on the power) equipment energy 350 W Unlimited Internet traffic subject to a ratio of inbound and outgoing traffic 1: 4

Colocation limitless

Colocation Unlimited from Telehouse Caravan is the solution that is optimal hosting an energy-intensive server with a big number of traffic.

As part of this service, you might be supplied with limitless equipment capability, limitless Internet traffic, and reliable data protection. As a result of Colocation Unlimited from Telehouse Caravan, you’ll control the spending plan of this business and choose a profitable organization of server hosting at the expense of fixed costs.

Limitless server power and internet that is unlimited Colocation Unlimited

Colocation Unlimited

For you to fully control the operation of the equipment, the most effective solution for these tasks will be – Colocation Unlimited if it is important

The solution covers all the features of

uk colocation Unlimited, a analysis that is comprehensive of host (more than 200 parameters) and a port for handy remote control of gear.

Colocation Unlimited + – unlimited abilities, complete monitoring, and server management that is remote

Server Location: Options.

Advantages of Data Centers

When making your infrastructure, the concern of host location arises. So, there are two choices:

Location in very own server room;

Accommodation in an information center.

Each of the options has its faculties. For example, hosting in your host space provides offline access. So, it is possible to access the host in your own workplace, even in the lack of cyberspace (through a local system). During the same time, there’s absolutely no such chance for other business workplaces.

Its well worth noting that creating your host room is an expensive process. Placing a server in a data center provides several advantages that are significant.

Inexpensive of hosting servers within the

best dedicated server hosting uk

The price of placing the host into the data center is from 2500 rubles. This really is cheaper than building your server room with similar capabilities (from $ 10,000, depending on equipment). Also, when moving the office, there is no need to pay cash on transferring the engineering infrastructure of this host – access is through the Web. Despite the low cost of services, information centers fully satisfy all the requirements that arise when putting a server: constant accessibility and safe operating conditions.

Benefits of hosting a host in a data center

Permanent access is amongst the basic requirements for a server. There are several problems that are main

Power outage. Contemporary data centers are equipped with fail-safe UPS and diesel generators. Their power allows the data center to operate at full load when the power is deterred…

Internet connection issues. Information centers collaborate with several providers, which guarantees a reliable connection. An Internet connection is maintained even yet in the big event of difficulties with some providers.

Server freezes/crashes, etc. In this full case, you should quickly reboot it. Some specialists can perform the necessary operations with the server in the data center around the clock. Alternatively, you can use remote control.

As you care able to see, setting up a server in a data center can significantly increase its availability. Achieving availability that is similar (from 99.982%) for the host is a substantial boost in expenses.

Server operating conditions have a significant impact on its resource. Violations of the regime that is temperature the room, the existence of dirt floating around can lead to overheating and failure associated with host. Tier 3 data centers include fault-tolerant air that is industrial in server spaces, atmosphere purification systems, interior smoke detection systems, and gas fire extinguishing, which will not affect the operation of IT equipment.

Another important point is system protection. Information centers are strictly guarded regime facilities with a throughput system, equipped with video surveillance.


As you can see, the positioning for the server in the information center has many advantages. Nevertheless, all of them are confirmed by certification in line with the Tier standard. For instance, Tier 3 class data centers are equipped with backup systems, and repairs can be executed without stopping the data center.