Lipstick finish: just how to choose the perfect one for you!

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photo by Michela Marra MICHELA MARRA – MARCH 26, 2020

Do you know just how to recognize the lipstick that is different and how to get the right one? Read our guide
Selecting the best lipstick is not just a matter of look. That is, based on the effect and the final result they once applied to the lips in fact, lipsticks are also classified according to the finish. The final may be the easiest way to define and recognize the type of lipsticks . Do you know how to choose the right one ? We will help you with our super guide that is practical with a

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Creamy lipstick
The most common and type that is widespread very smooth, frequently moisturizing, it generally has good protection both when stick and when fluid . The effect is rather lucid however too bright. Easy to apply, it will take very little to cover all of the lips.

Select it if : you have got lips that tend to dry out and you also want an lipstick that is excellent all occasions.

The suggested product is Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème . With an ultra comfortable and formula that is long-lasting it really is obtainable in numerous shades!

Satin lipstick
Somewhat less shiny than the past one, it is halfway between creamy and extremely lipstick that is opaque. It has a very result that is natural the lips and is ideal for any sort of makeup.

Select it if : you want a product that adheres completely and is somewhat bright.

The recommended product is Urban Decay Vice Lipstick which moisturizes and improves the lips, making them soft for a time that is long to your oils of aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu.

Matte lipstick
This type of lipstick has been among the most popular in recent years. The reason is simple: it is the product that generally lasts most of all for a skin that is second on the lips. Once used, the matte lipstick dries in short order, specially it is liquid, it is good to wait about ten seconds to check the final effect) if it is stick (when.

Select it s and: the lips are wanted by you to be the protagonists of the look and you don’t have problems with chapping or lips that tend to pull. In this instance, better counter using a scrub.

The recommended product is Pat McGrath Labs Matte Trance , a brilliant pigmented lipstick that gives a light veil of opaque color for a matte finish that is modern.

Velvet lipstick
Neither glossy nor hyper-opaque: it is the lipstick that wraps the lips with a semi-matte finish that is comfortable.

Choose it if : a satin is wanted by you lipstick with a velvet impact on the lips.

The recommended product is Sephora Collection Cream Lip Shine with a powerful and super pigmented color.

Sheer lipstick
Very nearly transparent, it gives a veil of modular color. Definitely less demanding than the previous ones, it is an excellent solution when you want to create a look that focuses on eye makeup or when you don’t like wearing the lipstick that is classic.

Select it if : that you do not wish a bold color on your lips and choose

khaddi sale the more moisturizing formulas.

The recommended product is Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer with shea vitamin and butter C.

Pearly lipstick
Quite popular into the eighties, this lipstick has a more or less bright finish thanks to your microglitter contained in the formula.

Choose it if : you would like a effect that is frosty. Be careful, nonetheless, to chaps: this kind of lipstick could highlight them.

The recommended product is Natasha Denona i would like a Nude Lipstick with a soft finish and texture that is luxurious.

The Tints
They’re liquid lipsticks; they leave an intense veil of color that must be eliminated with an ad hoc make-up remover. They generally have a matte finish and fit perfectly on the lips. After applying them, you can customize the result with a bright coat that is top.

Select it if : you want a long lasting color.

The recommended product is Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Stunna Lip Paint which has an accuracy applicator.

Do you know the best foundation 2020 ? Are you looking for the foundation that is perfect? We’ll allow you to by presenting the 12 top foundations of the year.

A fundamental element of every self-respecting makeup routine, the foundation may be the ally that must assist us to uniform the skin and protect any defects, in order to show a face off with a great allure and smooth and luminous epidermis .

What type to decide on? To assist you pick the many suitable foundation, we have selected the most interesting releases of the year and for each one we have indicated the specific type of skin , so that you can identify the most

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Most useful foundation 2020

Top 12 foundation 2020

The Dior that is new forever foundation combines cosmetics and treatment , thanks to the presence of rosehip and violet extracts, protective and moisturizing. Designed for mixed-tendency skin , it has a natural matt finish therefore the formula helps reduce skin pores and expression lines. Available in 36 shades suitable for all epidermis tones , through the lightest towards the darkest ( cost € 46.90 – purchase here ).

Dior Forever foundation

Dior foundation that is liquid

Swatches foundation Dior Forever


The brand new Clinique fluid foundation mixes cosmetics and treatment, for a more youthful, re-compacted and hydrated skin. Suitable for dry , but also normal and skin that is mixed-tendency better yet Refresh has an impalpable texture, but at the same time in a position to offer a high coverage with lasting hold. Abundant with moisturizing active ingredients, it can help enhance skin tone and fullness. Obtainable in 27 colors suited to all complexions ( price € 39.90 – purchase here ).

Clinique fluid foundation

Clinique foundation

Swatches foundation Clinique


The brand new Guerlain L’Essentiel fluid foundation is designed to meet the requirements of the most extremely sensitive skin . Formulated with 97% of ingredients of natural origin , it has a dark texture that guarantees to give light and freshness to your face for up to 16 hours. Delicately perfumed, it offers a coverage that is modular is obtainable in 30 shades from light to dark ( price € 49.90 – purchase here ).

Guerlain foundation that is liquid

Guerlain L’Essential foundation
Guerlain L’Essential foundation, light protection
Fluid foundation Guerlain L’Essentiel
Liquid foundation Guerlain L’Essentiel, medium coverage
Swatches Guerlain foundation


The latest Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude fluid foundation is ideal for those who love the ‘ no make up look’ and they are looking for an extended – lasting matting effect . Rich in sebum-regulating agents, it will help combination and oily epidermis to attenuate skin pores, providing them with an touch that is incredibly soft. The Lancôme that is new foundation equipped with SPF 20 and is available in 40 shades ideal for every tone and undertone ( cost € 44.90 – buy here ).