Choose the evening dress that is best from Motifz

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Choose the evening dress that is best from Motifz
It usually happens that when you walk around department stores, you see evening dresses on, you don’t look the same or you don’t like the way you look that you like, but when you try it. Did you know that you should choose an dress based on your body type evening? Learn how to choose your clothes according to your body with these tips used by specialists.
Make your best choice

We will sho the different body types and the dress that fits best in each case.w you

Apple or round shape
Long white evening dress empire strapless heart decorated with jewelry and pleated skirt
Long empire that is white heart evening dress decorated with rhinestones
If you have round shoulders, no waist and a lot of volume in the

lego ice cube tray abdomen area, your body is round or apple. In these cases, the legs are also generally thin. We recommend wearing empire evening dresses or straight dresses, which will prevent this area from being the center of attention.
Triangular or pear shape
This aspect of the body is distinguished by hips wider than the shoulders, a small bust, but a well-defined size. It is also identified by wide legs, as this is where the fat is stored. Specialists recommend evening dresses that enhance the part that is upper this type of body, such as those with bare shoulders, which will help you give the impression that you have more bust.
Evening dress long asymmetrical long sheath navy blue draped long sleeve
Long pleated asymmetrical navy evening dress that is blue
The shape of a rectangular body, whether well proportioned or not, is identified on the shoulders, waist, and hip, which are generally straight and regular. Use sheath dresses that can show the curve of

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Inverted triangle
The upper part is wider than the hips, with the volume of the chest. Here, the most dresses that are suitable those that have a larger volume of the neckline. They are known as A-line dresses evening.
long sexy evening dress lavender mermaid illusion neck embellished with exquisite jewelrySexy evening dress 2020 lavender mermaid long adorned with rhinestones
It is considered to be the one with the most curves because it has volume in the chest as well as well defined hips and waist. It’s very feminine. If this is your body type, take advantage and wear the mermaid and sheath dresses that attract attention: they are the most favorable.
Always remember that the best change is the one that makes you feel safe with yourself, by choosing the most comfortable evening dress. Take advantage of it, search among the different dresses on our site and make your choice that is best.
How to choose the wedding guest dress that is best?
Weddings are occasions that deserve special attention and attire that is special. For many women, choosing the dress that is perfect meets expectations in terms of style, shape, color, quality or price is not easy. At Robedesoireelongue, we are experts in evening dresses, dresses for wedding guests and second-hand outfits. We have decided to share our wisdom to help you

knitted fingerless gloves when buying a dress as a wedding guest. We understand your difficulty, so take these 5 factors into account when buying a dress and easier make your decision.
clear champagne mermaid wedding guest dress with strapless heart and straps that are thin

Light champagne mermaid lace wedding dress

We all have a favorite color. Choosing the right color depends on many aspects such as hair and eye color or skin tone. Our complexion also changes with the different seasons: we are tanned in summer and paler in winter, which affects our purchasing decision. Understanding the color wheel will help you choose the right dress and allow you to shine on all events. Consider all the factors together – a person with blond hair, pale skin, and blue eyes will shine in different colors than a blond person with tanned skin and dark eyes.
Style, shape, and length
Our bodies are different, and what works for you doesn’t have to work for your friend. When deciding to buy a dress as a wedding guest, avoid the mini skirts and dresses that you would normally wear 

lsm fabrics at a different party. There are a few rules to follow when dressing as a wedding guest. However, the rules are no longer as strict as they used to be. The line A evening dresses will suit all body types if you don’t want to take a risk. Take a look at our category of dresses to choose from different shapes and color combinations for each character evening.

Price and quality

Pale pink mid-length strapless heart wedding guest dress that is pleated

Price: € 72.54
When choosing the dress that is right quality and price are the most important factors when deciding whether to buy something or to leave the basket empty. Nowadays, we have a lot of materials to choose from. The fabric of the dress is an essential deciding factor depending on whether we want to have a luxurious, elegant or look that is casual. Silk or satin dresses will look more elegant likely and luxurious than cotton dresses. Besides, the higher the quality of the material used, the higher the price.
Location and time
You will choose a guest that is different dress in winter than in summer. Dressing as a wedding guest in France in June will require attire that is different a wedding in Sweden. Take the weather and location into account before choosing the dress that suits you and make sure none of these factors will surprise you! If the weather does not allow it, do not forget to cover

suffuse by sana yasir your shoulders and wear a blazer over it.
Feel comfortable
long slit champagne dress v neck cap sleeve embellished with jewelry evening
Long V-neck champagne evening dress with a sleeve that is short with rhinestones
Last but not least, choose a dress in which you feel comfortable. This is probably the most important rule. Remember that you will spend most of the in this dress, so be as comfortable as possible day. There’s nothing worse than sitting or dancing in a dress that is too tight or too lose all day. When buying online, check out the size guide on the store website and reviews from real customers.
At Persun, we will help you choose the best wedding guest dress, advise you on what is best as you want for you and allow you to try on as many dresses.

Follow these ideas for fashionable evening dresses to welcome Christmas!

The Christmas that is big party approaching and the evening dresses worry many women. People who have already bought a evening that is good do not care about this, but for those who still cannot decide which evening dress suits them best, which is very annoying for them. Here we will give you tips to help you choose the perfect Christmas evening outfit.
Definition of the dress evening
luxury long sexy mermaid evening dress in exquisite jewelry with short sleeve
Sexy transparent mermaid rhinestone sleeve evening dress that is short
An evening dress is a drop that is long normally worn for formal events. Dresses are generally made of luxurious fabrics such as muslin, velvet, satin, etc. Silk is also very popular for evening dresses evening. We sometimes distinguish the ball gown, always comprising a skirt and a fitted bodice, from the dress, which can have any silhouette: sheath, mermaid or trumpet, and which can be wide or adjusted evening.
How to choose your evening dress
The first step in choosing a dress is figuring out how many parties and occasions you will need an outfit for. Decide it several times, or choose a few dresses at a reduced price if you want to invest in a cool piece of clothing and wear. That you opt for the cheaper evening dresses if you meet the same group of people at multiple events, I recommend. However, if the majority of people are going to be different at your events or parties, choose a superb evening dress perfect for you!
Christmas is coming and it’s time to get ready for the girls for Christmas! Get the latest evening that is trendy you can display this Christmas. Christmas evening dresses are not just red, we have selected colors that are different you. Don’t wait any longer if you want to buy the best Christmas dresses for women evening. Just look at the list below:
Asymmetrical evening dress that is red
This asymmetrical evening dress is one of our top picks for the Christmas party. It is suitable for the majority of body types. The Empire evening dress has floral appliques on the collar and the strap which makes it attractive. The dress is long enough to keep you warm during winters. It looks better with a strapless bra!
Sexy velvet evening dress
evening dress in dark velvet that is green midi length frill skirt
A dark bodycon that is green dress embellished with black lace and short sleeves
This sexy and evening that is casual is a perfect choice for a Christmas evening dress. This gives you a beautiful dress at a very price that is low. Wear it with a beaded necklace, a handbag and a pair of black ankle boots. The long sleeves and black lace inserts bring you warmth and sexy.