What exactly is server server or hosting colocation?

server colocation

Server web hosting or server colocation is interesting if you want to have your own fully owned host while enjoying some great benefits of placement in a datacentre.

You purchase the purchase, configuration, and handling of the server yourself.

The Email Shop provides the infrastructure essential for the functioning that is proper of server: fast and redundant connections to the Internet, firewall services, IP addresses, and month-to-month data transfer.


Many companies do not have the resources and area to integrate a pc space to their premises. Hosting the colocation IT infrastructure is an ideal solution for businesses wanting to minimize the expense related to the implementation of servers for the operation. b

You have the possibility for leasing a shared or private room to host your IT gear.


The co-location web hosting is an alternate for businesses wishing to gain benefit from the solutions offered by a webhost with numerous many years of experience (infrastructure and sites, redundant energy and server colocation bandwidth, cooling equipment, etc.).

The colocation offered inside the Datacentre makes it possible to rent a private space (entire bay) or shared space (half-bay), in order to host its computer servers or telecommunications equipment. This 24/7 video surveillance space is designed to ensure the optimal operation of your gear and guarantees a high level of protection.


The maintenance of your equipment is ensured by a team of professionals present on-site and able to intervene at any time in the data center.

The accessibility to the networks, back-up, and data replication systems provides you with continuous access to your information and applications, e ven in the event of an incident. It allows you to rationalize your IT costs by renting the storage space and the equipment you need, but also to control its proper functioning, by going straight to the site.

Protection are at one’s heart of our activity, usage of our computer cheap email hosting  spaces is strictly managed by badge readers.

4 Great Things About Server Colocation

With the advent associated with internet as well as its accessibility that is increasing has become possible for people and businesses from all over the world to do business with them. Every business, whether large or small, is looking for an presence that is online its web sites to improve knowing of their offerings and to facilitate ecommerce. In addition, the complexity of internet sites is increasing day by day. This paved the way in which for new possibilities into the computer arena and, needlessly to say, everyone and themselves jumped on the pc train, offering hosting services and forcing each player up their game to be able to survive your competition.

One of the ways that web hosting providers have actually responded to the process is by outsourcing help solutions to providers that are third-party are professionals in the field and who possess the means to effortlessly provide host administration solutions as well as other support services, such as for example host security, upkeep, host support, and server migration also technical web hosting support.

Benefits of outsourced help:

Round the clock provided by server management companies make sure that in the event that server is malfunctioning, there is always some one offered to troubleshoot. This decreases website downtime and keeps customers who’ve their internet sites on these servers happy.

According to the agreement, outsourced help also contains solutions for instance the best email hosting assignment of a dedicated group of specialists to monitor servers from a number of areas, to report downtime and accessibility, to execute protection audits of servers and take preventive measures to keep malware, viruses along with other security threats away.

Allows hosting providers to focus on their core business for smooth operations, as opposed to being taken in multiple directions. Not only this, if website hosting businesses are considering business development, their help partners might help all of them with establishing new servers, setting up firewalls and helping with server migration.

Also from a purely monetary standpoint, outsourcing is reasonable since there is absolutely no point in investing in expensive infrastructure and hiring specialized customer service and technical staff that may increase administrative headaches for the society.


There isn’t any real downside to outsourcing host management services if the outsourcing partner is very carefully selected and solution amounts are discussed beforehand. Some things to take into account before selecting a support provider are:

Outsourcing budget.

Experience and recommendations from other clients.

Quality of help with regards to communication cheap ssl certificate uk abilities and technical expertise of support staff.

A minimum group of services provided by the seller (price-service comparison).

Regards to cancelation.

In addition to the above, you will need to set limits on the maximum initial response times as well as the time is taken to resolve the problem. It is also preferable to have operating that is standard in spot to react to crisis situations also to resolve grievances. This guarantees communication that is clear the 2 events helping maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with all the seller. Failure to just take these actions before sealing the agreement may cause loss in company and clients to website hosting companies.


With growing knowing of companies about the security of the information, information centers (or data centers) are emerging as viable and long-term solutions to fulfill an demand that is increasingly strong data hosting, guaranteed.


The classification in thirds (four amounts: Tier I, II, III, IV) is a method developed by the corporation Uptime Institute which aims to establish a hierarchy between your different data centers. The objective of such a classification is notably to personal email hosting allow users to identify a data easily center that will satisfy their requirements in terms of data safety, availability of hosted applications and stability for the infrastructure hosting IT architectures.

To meet the requirements of the classification, a tier III data center is, for example, equipped with a fully redundant power supply network, capable of ensuring continuity of the services delivered in the event of a breakdown or incident at the source ” main power supply (availability rate for a tier III data center: 99.9%).


The option regarding the data center is therefore essential while the protection of the most sensitive data is at stake. This choice can prove to be all the more crucial as it will be difficult to change operators afterward, without risk facing a more or less prolonged interruption of services.

The geographical located area of the information center will also be an criterion that is important take into account. Certainly, the cloud allows access that is remote its applications and information, no matter its place on the territory. However, for an IT department plus the company it represents, the main advantage of proximity to a data center in the UK can turn out to be needed for a business trying to minimize the risks from the procedure of its IT solutions.

The possibility of profiting from gestures of proximity by professionals on its infrastructures (equipment, electrical cabling, networks, deliveries, etc.), having the ability to dispatch an integral part of its technical teams directly on-site and therefore, understanding that the IT environment when the data is stored is physically and quickly available, is a strong message of reassurance.

By selecting hosting that is local Server colocation, you indirectly strengthen the access and availability of the applications operated by the groups and work for the smooth running of your professional activity.