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Azure Backup may be the simplest and option that is safest for all kinds of businesses, which also responds to hybrid environments. Without initial investments, you simply purchase what’s used.

Within a disaster recovery policy, an important point is precisely that of the backups of the platforms and their data. Without a doubt, it is essential in the administration of systems and the production that is different test, development and pre manufacturing environments must be taken into account.

Typically, copies had been made locally, on pretty much fast uk colocation devices according to the budget regarding the IT department. In the beginning, these were saved on tapes (many option that is economical at the same time frame slower), then we went to the disks, then towards the NAS (Network Attached Storage) infrastructure and lastly, there are the cloud as well as its online storage space solutions.


The back-up is a job that consequently requires the definition of some policies (of exactly what, how frequently, retention, where and preservation), study the business carefully needs, select the tools and continue with all the execution.

In the end, all things are summed up in a consignment between requirements and costs, reaching an agreement to offer priority from what is most critical, and without forgetting the rest of the business operations.

When evaluating the expense, not merely is the TCO (total cost of ownership) associated with the chosen solution, but additionally the direct and indirect that could include the loss of information or the shutdown for the systems during healing.

Exactly to simplify this expense calculation, cloud solutions that are backup extremely attractive. Not only because they avoid initial investments of both hardware and software, but also provide all the scalability, supply and security required by the business, having to pay limited to what exactly is needed. Perhaps not conditioning the growth of the business and depreciation that is eliminating reinvestment in infrastructure.


Azure Backup is one of the many services that Microsoft offers in its business platform that allows both to protect and recover data. In addition to guaranteeing 99.9% availability, it provides the advantages that are following all types of companies:

Unlimited storage space, no overhead. Alerts could be set to monitor copies, nevertheless they won’t ever be associated with cloud or availability capability

Different storage space options: neighborhood redundancy and redundancy that is geographic. The first, (LRS) makes three copies of the data in the same data center, although the 2nd, (GRS) uses information facilities separated a huge selection of kilometers from each other.

Automated storage space administration manages hybrid surroundings at no additional cost, combining neighborhood and cloud storage if required, and immediately manages storage space pay peruse that is optimizing.

Unlimited data transfer, both inbound and outgoing (before a possible restoration), without charging you for the data that is transmitted.

Maximum security with data encryption : therefore the password is stored locally and it is maybe not transmitted or stored in Azure.

Consistent with the application . Whether files, virtual machines or SQL databases; in each case, all the data associated with the recovery points are taken into account. Thus no adjustments are needed when data that are recovering.

Short or term retention that is long. The quantity of time just isn’t limited, there clearly was only a limit of 9999 data recovery points per protected example.

Whether your organization has a single server, a CPD, branches, or remote offices, with your files and folders, Windows servers and clients, and even infrastructure virtual machines as a service. At SCC we can help the solution is found by you of backups you’ll need.

Probably the most thing that is important that Azure Backup always adapts to your requirements of each and every business.

Know-how could be the basis with this era that is new of transformation. Cloud computing, Big Data or IoT, are some of the concepts that transform our environment and way of life by day day.

Organizations must adapt to these changes and information cheap email hosting  center solutions are a fundamental partner that generates high expectations. A traditional data center can quickly become obsolete, in addition to providing challenges in its flexibility and limited expandability in such a large market. Taking into consideration the technological development of the company environment plus the growth of applications, the inconveniences involved in a conventional data center have increased dramatically.

In view associated with the above, modularity has highly affected the marketplace and it has positioned itself since the methodology that is best in the implementation and development of a data center.

Conventional vs. Modular

A server that is traditional involves, among others, the slowness and low density of resources. In addition to the complications associated with making any expansion because a change that is small the auxiliary or cooling systems could influence the whole. A number of the problems involved with a traditional data center are:

Long construction time for delivery.

Reduced expandability

High power usage

Difficulties in the maintenance and operation of this information center.

Fast obsolescence

Regarding the power price, it really is a fact that is notable the cost of power does not stop increasing, a lot of businesses have actually the desire to get a handle on the effectiveness and connected costs, that have a direct best email hosting effect on their operations and organizations.

A modular data center is defined by its capillarity by dividing resources into different compartments based on technological standards. The entire data center is divided into several individual areas in which its scale, load, configuration, cooling systems, management systems, etc. are sized separately, in accordance with a unified standard. This enables the different modules not to interfere with each other and can be operated separately without sharing resources. In addition to allowing you to implement the latest technology innovation in each brand new project. A number of the advantages of a data that are modular are:

Fast deployment and short assembly period.

Multiple phases of implementation.

Standardized, stable and modules that are reliable.

Ecological protection and energy conservation.

Smart management and operation that is highly efficient.

Unique top features of a modular data center

Evolutionary improvement

Each implementation and each project carried out makes it possible to innovate and apply the cheap ssl certificate uk latest technology at all times, which allows to be more efficient and offer a substantial evolutionary improvement.

Fast execution

A traditional data center can take about two years to install from conceptualization to commissioning. In contrast, the utilization of modular information centers is much faster.

Time is cash being in a position to install an information server colocation  center in a shorter time frame is a advantage that is competitive. Installing a new technology before your competitors could be key to improve profitability in comparison to other companies running on the market.


Another advantage of setting up your infrastructure in a modular data center is savings that are cost. Normally, modular data centres, in addition to fully adapting to their specific needs, are more energy-efficient and effective to operate than traditional data centers, as a result, business organizations can save significant costs of implementation and maintenance that is subsequent.