Why is makeup so important for a woman?

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Who looks beautiful naturally, without make-up, without artifice? Who never shows up without makeup? Is your make-up firm or lighter? Is the effect you are looking for an “invisible” makeup, which sublimates you by erasing your imperfections, without appearing made-up? Does the way you wear makeup vary by occasion? Have you evolved with age? From when, can the youngest make up? Let’s talk about it with Annick Cayot, makeup artist.

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Make up … is a term that can be pejorative => We make up a crime right? Now we “sublimate” a woman!

To sublimate? Is this an essential asset?

Sublimating yourself is an art, you have to choose your colors, your materials, … We choose the right color of complexion based on the general color of our skin. This enhances its radiance. Nothing is more complicated than choosing your foundation and concealer. Our skin is not uniform and therefore it is a bit difficult to find the top to enhance our face.

Choose your foundation …

Choose one or two tones lighter than that of the skin! ? Not really but certainly depending on the type of skin and which merges perfectly with the skin. Texture is essential. It must look good and shine

Concealer should neutralize everything in the shadows and give radiance.

The art of makeup is that of going through neutralization and then boosting radiance. It must sublimate the complexion, bring fusion or if we start to play with multiple layers the features and defects are expressed!

Contouring is very much used today … We practice a modeling of shadows and lights before applying the foundation!

Makeup can become the second skin on the face. We not only apply colors but we highlight the personality of the woman!

Makeup is becoming more and more skin care products. Make-up can thus become protective from the moment you treat and cleanse your skin, of course!

For a makeup to last all day, it is necessary to favor the right care products, apply a good base for example. Regenerate your skin well at night to start off on the right foot, good skin in the morning! If your skin is thirsty for hydration, you must offer it a good moisturizer otherwise your skin will absorb the hydration contained in your foundation!

Those who do not wear makeup (or more) wear their faces with modesty and tranquility. Bare. Added to a current that advocates a return to naturalness. What does this translate? Decryption.

Going out without makeup, for many women, is an inconceivable idea. Without their mascara, their blush, their red, they have the impression of being naked, all naked, vulnerable. Others, on the contrary, have never considered eyeshadows, or so few. As if living with these layers – sometimes thick – was a lack of spontaneity, a pretense, a mirage. In this world invaded by selfies and their devices, these women claim the natural and don’t care that we can discern their dark circles, their wrinkles, their “faults”. They offer another model and resist the injunctions of an ultra-refined society. They belong, unwittingly, to the broad movement of “no makeup” (or no make-up)